Arlington County Hiking Trails

With the weather finally becoming more enjoyable, it’s time to start looking at ideas for outdoor activities. Arlington County maintains “36 miles of multi-use trails and 50 miles of connecting bicycle routes” (1). The Arlington County Bicycle Comfort Level Map is a great resource for planning your next ride (2). At The Shooshan Company, we like to explore new options the area has to offer. So whether you are planning a day out… Read More

Arlington Thrive’s Bingo Happy Hour

Arlington Thrive is a non-profit organization “that provides same-day, emergency financial assistance to County residents who experience sudden financial crisis such as temporary unemployment or illness. Most clients are the working poor, elderly and disabled people on a fixed income, and the homeless and formerly homeless who need Arlington Thrive’s funds as a ‘safety net’ until they are able to get back on firmer financial footing.”(1) Raising awareness and funds is key… Read More

Arlington POPS Give the Community a Voice

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families is an extension of Arlington County whose mission is “To improve the health, wellbeing, and safety of children, youth, and families in Arlington through researching young people’s needs, advocating for improved policies and programs to meet those needs, and engaging all members of our community as part of the solution.” One of the subjects covered by the APCYF is the improvement of parks and recreation through POPS,… Read More