Preparing for Winter in Arlington

The Arlington County Government recently published a news release titled “Arlington Ready for Winter.” The report goes into detail on what residents of Arlington can expect from the county in terms of preparation, especially after the heavy winter last year. The main points were: Piloting augmented deployment for large snow events 9,200 tons of salt stockpiled $1.38 million budgeted for snow removal Improved snow issues form The full report and detailed updates may be… Read More

Arlington Fall Foliage

According to the Arlington Patch and Virginia Department of Forestry, the autumn colors seen on the trees throughout Arlington will remain that way through all of November. “Unseasonably warm” weather has allowed the leaves to last longer than usual, providing Arlingtonians with a beautiful view. The report also states: “ projects the weather in the area to stay in the 60s for the first half of the month, slowly dipping into the 50s later… Read More

Two Liberty Center Receives Platinum Award

Two Liberty Center, located at 4075 Wilson Boulevard, has recently received the Platinum award from Arlington County Commuter Services for its alternative transportation program. Two Liberty is the only Platinum recipient to date in Arlington County and achieved this level by “featuring programs like carpool discounted parking, bike storage, onsite fitness centers, a free SmarTrip card for new tenants and tenant transportation events and promotions.” Electric vehicle charging stations are also being installed. Having transportation alternative… Read More

Veterans Day events in Northern Virginia