A Brief History of Ballston from the Ballston BID

Published October 6, 2016

One of the greatest resources for businesses and the Ballston community in Arlington is the Ballston BID (Business Improvement District). Their mission states,

“The Ballston Business Improvement (BID) will imagine and implement innovative programs, partnerships and collaborations that bring people together and create a sense of community to strengthen the economic vitality of our businesses and commercial partners in Ballston.”

The website, www.ballstonbid.com, includes resources such as a business directory, an interactive map, current events, news and more. Since The Shooshan Company is located in the Ballston neighborhood, one of the most interesting blogs we’ve seen on the BID’s website it titled “Ballston: A Vibrant Community with a Unique History.” The post gives a brief yet descriptive history of The Ball family, of which the neighborhood is named, as well as growth over the years. One of the great descriptions reads: “The neighborhood of Ballston offers a balance between the city life of Washington D.C and the suburban life of Northern Virginia. It is a community that has a unique history and a future driven by innovation, discovery, and creativity.”

We encourage you to visit the website and all of the features it has to offer.


Ballston: A Vibrant Community with a Unique History. (2016). Ballston BID. Source: http://www.ballstonbid.com/ballston-buzz-blog/ballston-vibrant-community-unique-history.