Arlington Ranked As “Most Educated City In Virginia”

Published August 6, 2020

Insurify, an insurance comparison website, has ranked Arlington as the “Most Educated City In Virginia” for the second year in a row.

As Insurify’s website states, “The education landscape in America is at a pivotal point. To investigate education attainment trends across the United States, the data science team at Insurify was interested in locating the cities with the highest level of educational attainment in every state. The results demonstrate that educational success does not appear uniform in communities across the nation. Well-educated individuals are concentrated in cities large and small…The research team at Insurify, a website to compare insurance quotes, examined statistics from its database of over 2.5 million car insurance applications to find the most educated cities. To apply for quotes, interested customers input personal and vehicle information, including their city of residence and highest level of education. Using a proprietary scoring algorithm, analysts calculated an education score for each customer based on educational history and achievement…”

You can read the list of cities from each state at

Arlington is no stranger to awards and recognition, with the latest ranking being the “Fittest City In America.”

At The Shooshan Company, we’re proud to be a part of Arlington, Virginia and all it has to offer!


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