Arlington Ranked “Fittest City” In America For Fourth Consecutive Year

Published August 12, 2021

The 2021 Fitness Index from the ACSM ranked Arlington, VA as the “Fittest City In America.” As their website states, “The ACSM American Fitness Index, a ranking of America’s 100 largest cities, celebrates healthy, active lifestyles. Cities with the highest scores are considered to have strong community fitness, a concept analogous to individuals having strong personal fitness.”

“The ACSM American Fitness Index highlights a community’s personal health, recreational and non-motorized transportation opportunities to inform advocates and city planners of ways to enhance the health and well-being of its residents and visitors.”

—BARBARA E. AINSWORTH, PHD, MPH, FACSM, the 55th President of the American College of Sports Medicine (2011-2012), current chair of the ACSM American Fitness Index Advisory Board, and Regents’ professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. Source

The top 10 cities included:

  1. Arlington, Virginia
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. Denver, Colorado
  5. Madison, Wisconsin
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Saint Paul, Minnesota
  8. Irvine, California
  9. Portland, Oregon
  10. Atlanta, Georgia

The Summary of Their Findings states:

“The 2021 Fitness Index evaluated America’s 100 largest cities using 34 indicators representing health behaviors, health outcomes, built environment, recreational facilities and policy/funding. Two new indicators were added this year because of their influence on overall health: food security and sleep. We congratulate Arlington, Virginia, for being named America’s Fittest City for the fourth consecutive year. Coming in at number one in the main categories of personal and community health, Arlington also ranked first in eight separate indicators. Arlington’s longstanding commitment to being a fit city serves as a model for all communities in the U.S.”

“Arlington also ranked #1 in the personal health and community/environment sub-scores. At the
individual indicator level, Arlington ranked among the top 10 cities for 18 of the 34 indicators in the
Fitness Index, with eight indicators ranked #1.”

Learn more about the rankings HERE and view the full report HERE.

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