Arlington Transportation Partners Champions

Published March 16, 2017

Arlington Transportation Partners recently released their list of “Champions,” which, as the website states, “provides community recognition and rewards to businesses, multi-family residential communities, commercial properties and schools in Arlington County.”

Arlington Transportation Partners provides transportation expertise to businesses, residential communities and commercial properties “to help improve transportation amenities and commuter benefits. These services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in Arlington County.” The following video provides some insight into the requirements to become a Champion:


As seen in the video, The Shooshan Company is honored to have two properties listed among the Platinum winners: The View Luxury Apartments and Two Liberty Center:

You may find more about The View at Liberty Center Luxury Apartments on their website,, as well as information on Kodiak Realty’s Two Liberty Center at or

The Shooshan Company would also like to congratulate all of the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Arlington Transportation Partners Champions!