Ballston Contains Greater Washington’s Neighborhood With The Highest Density

Published September 9, 2021

Greater Greater Washington, a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization, recently published an article titled “Which neighborhood in Greater Washington has the highest density? Hint: It’s not in DC.”

As the articles states, “…A tract that formerly stretched from the Ballston Metro station across the Ballston Quarter mall was split in three, since its population had also grown past 6,000.

One of the resulting census tracts, 1014.07, has 3,812 residents clustered on five blocks east of the Metro, around N. Randolph St. and 9th St. N. It boasts a population density of 96,758 people per square mile, the highest in the metro area and in Virginia. Just east of Quincy is tract 1014.05, the second-densest in Virginia at 72,487 per square mile; just west of Stafford is tract 1014.09, with 51,735 residents per square mile.

These three tracts make a slice of Ballston the highest-density residential neighborhood in Greater Washington. For decades, Arlington’s plans have encouraged high-rise residential and office on the blocks immediately along the Orange Line corridor, while strictly limiting additional homes even a short walk away.

All those people in close proximity can support a wide array of dining choices and retailers, including multiple groceries and pharmacies; the tract’s 94 Walk Score makes it a ‘walker’s paradise’. Small parks and walkways between buildings offer outdoor breathing room…”

This is exciting news for Ballston, as the neighborhood continues to grow and offer more choices. The Shooshan Company is proud to be a part of this thriving city! You can read the full article which has much more information at