Interview with Marymount University & Ballston BID

Published July 26, 2019

The Gensler Design Exchange Podcast recently interviewed Matthew Shank of Marymount University and Samantha Baker of the Ballston BID to find out how Marymount University built the future of urban campuses with it’s new Ballston mixed-use buildings developed by The Shooshan Company.

The articles states, “… Marymount’s new home for its business school and graduate programs in Ballston is an academic office building that offers leasable space for private companies. Companies and community members are welcome to lease any of its retail or work spaces, or to activate in the campus’s outdoor plaza and ground-level, public-use auditorium. The integrated building design enables the university and business entities to have an ongoing dialogue, enhancing the quality and value of Marymount’s programs: Learning in a business environment…”

The article goes on to discuss the benefits of revitalizing this particular area of Ballston, so be sure to listen to the full podcast. Read the full article HERE or listen to the Gensler Design Exchange Podcast HERE.

About Marymount University’s Ballston campus.

Formerly known as “the Blue Goose,” Marymount University selected the Shooshan Company to re-develop this Ballston campus.  This process included a full demolition of Marymount’s existing building, moving to a swing-space just down the road for two (2) years, and ultimately back onto the site in a brand new building designed by world renowned architect, Gensler.

  • TSC won an open competition among the top 12 development firms in the Metropolitan area
  • The overall project entered the site plan process with 225,000 square feet of allowable density, and was approved a year later for a 418,000 square feet mixed-use development
  • Received unanimous approval from both the Arlington County Planning Commission (9-0) and Arlington County Board (5-0)
  • LEED Gold Certification
  • 5,000 squar feet of ground floor retail
  • Retailer: Starbucks

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