Kapnos Taverna Bootcamp and Bottomless Brunch Event

Published August 10, 2017

Mike Isabella’s ​Kapnos Taverna, located at The View Luxury Apartments across from The Shooshan Company’s offices at Two Liberty Center in Ballston, is partnering with Gold’s Gym Ballston to offer “Bootcamp and Bottomless Brunch!”

​The event takes place Sunday, August 27 from 10am – 2pm. The Facebook event page reads “​Bootcamp will be on Kapnos Taverna’s patio and brunch will be provided by Kapnos Taverna.”

​”​Mike Isabella’s Kapnos Taverna [1 of 3 Mike Isabella concepts at The View]​ serves classic and coastal-inspired Greek dishes, including favorites from the Greek Islands along with tastes from other regions known for their fine local products.” – Kapnos Tavera website.

​”​Check out Gold’s local gym in Ballston, Virginia for exciting ways to work out and have fun while getting in shape. With a gym membership to the Wilson Boulevard Gold’s Gym location, enjoy a variety of cardio and resistance machines, as well as an extensive free weights area. Sign up for exercise classes led by professional fitness coaches who are dedicated to helping you see results and can offer modified techniques so even beginners can join in right away. Find the fitness programs you’re most interested in during extensive Gold’s Gym hours, ranging from early morning to evening so early birds and night owls can fit in an effective workout.” – Gold’s Gym Ballston website.

​The event is sure to be a great time and tickets are available here.​


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