Kodiak Realty Services: Construction Services

Published September 6, 2018

Kodiak Realty Services, in addition to Property Management (see here), also offers construction services.

As a Class A licensed contractor in the state of Virginia, Kodiak acts as a project consultant and construction manager, providing all services associated with construction. Kodiak gives building owners and tenants access to a menu of qualified subcontractors. Services include tenant improvements, ADA compliance work, code work, renovation and major capital improvements. KRS offers the highest quality work, incur the least cost and complete the project on time and on budget. This in-house capability provides tenants with an easy, efficient and cost effective approach to various interiors projects, which may come about in a KRS managed building during occupancy.

You may find out more regarding construction services by contacting Kodiak Realty at kodiak-realty.com/contact/.


Detailed information, certifications and more can be seen on their website, www.kodiak-realty.com.