Try Pepita Cantina For A Different Experience

Published November 17, 2015

It’s no secret Arlington is home to wide variety of dining options. From simple Chinese take out, to delis, to gourmet restaurants and exclusive Italian stops, this area has it all. So how does one decide on where to eat with so many choices? One way many residents of Arlington narrow the list is by type.

Next time you have a craving for Mexican cuisine, consider Pepita Cantina by Mike Isabella. When searching for restaurants to bring to one of our new buildings, The View, in Arlington, we only had to look next door to Washington, D.C., where celebrity Chef Mike Isabella calls home. Mike Isabella has been seen on several cooking shows like Top Chef and Top Chef Duels, and has created several restaurants with different styles. Pepita Cantina features his unique style of Mexican and is located in the heart of Ballston.

Whether you are in the mood for classic Mexican taste or just looking for a large selection of drink choices, Pepita Cantina has it all. The word “cantina” refers to a small bar or wine cellar, of which this restaurant has in spades. In fact, the official website states there are no less than 35 drink choices of “classic Mexican and contemporary American cocktails with an extensive list of tequila, mezcal, and fruit juices that are squeezed in-house daily.”(1)

What about the food? Start with the classics like tacos, enchiladas and smoked carnitas, then move onto the signature styles of items like chipotle shrimp or tortilla soup.

The unique creations of Mike Isabella aren’t just about the food, but the atmosphere as well. We know Ballston is a unique area with unique taste, which is why we partnered with Mike to bring something truly inspiring to this side of the Potomac. The décor is casual yet elegant, and helps retain the style of Arlington while bringing a new flavor, in more ways than one, to the area.

Pepita Cantina is located at 4000 Wilson Boulevard within a few blocks of the Ballston metro station and right next door to Kapnos Taverna.

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