Memorial Day 2016 in Arlington, Virginia

Published May 27, 2016

The federal holiday known as Memorial Day in the United States serves the purpose of remembering the men and women who have died while serving in this nation’s armed forces. Being in Arlington, we have the ability to go right up the street and pay respects at the Arlington National Cemetery.

For the most part, general 9am-5pm businesses are closed to allow people to celebrate those who have given their lives in service of this country. In addition to its true meaning, Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of the summer and has been described as “the official kickoff for the summertime travel season” by USA Today and other publications. It’s a great time to go out, enjoy the nicer weather and celebrate with family and friends.

Local Things to Do Memorial Day Weekend

The Washington Times is reporting that DC area traffic will be the worst it’s been in over a decade. Luckily, local residents have the option to metro, walk or bike to enjoy local events that celebrate Memorial Day as well as to attend barbecues, cookouts and picnics. In Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas like Arlington and Alexandria, there’s certainly no shortage of fun activities for the weekend.

Here’s your link list of what’s going on this Memorial Day weekend in the Washington, D.C. area:


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