Take A Look Around Marymount’s New Ballston Campus

Published July 13, 2017

Marymount University’s Ballston campus, formerly known as “The Blue Goose,” is set to officially open in August. The new buildings have much to offer and add to the wonderful Ballston skyline.

One of the many unique design choices (and as a homage to the original building) was the use of salvaged pieces from The Blue Goose to create markers placed along the side path with facts about Ballston, Arlington and of course, The Blue Goose:

This marker reads:

The Blue Goose

“A colorful example of modernist architecture stood on this site from 1963 to 2015. Its geometrically arranged, polychromatic blue metal panels earned it the local nickname of “The Blue Goose.” Designed to take advantage of its corner lot, the orientation of the building allowed its two main blocks to meet at the intersection of the North Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive.

Highlighted by a  central gentle inverse curve, the facade featured metal hopper windows surmounted by fixed single-light windows. Narrow metal mullions or thicker metal pilasters divided these windows and ran seamlessly between each story to enhance the verticality of the building. Upon completion of the Blue Goose, the developer, M.T. Broyhill and Sons, moved its offices into the building.”

If you haven’t been by the new buildings yet, we encourage you to stop by 1000 Glebe Road, Arlington VA and see the most recent addition to Ballston.

-The Shooshan Company