New Study Shows Arlington As A Hotspot For Gen Z

Published March 25, 2022

A new study from RentCafe shows Arlington as one of the top ten Trending Cities for Gen Z Renters in 2022…

RentCafe, a source of information on everything apartment-related, publishes monthly reports on the apartment market and current trends. Their most recent market insight, titled “Trendiest Zoomer Hotspots in 2022: Gen Z Renters Are Giving Big Cities a Glow Up”, shows Arlington ranked as #6:

RentCafe analyzed 3.2 million applications for apartments in 2021 and found 27% were from Gen Z which is up from 23% in 2020. As Nicholas Dempsey, Associate Professor of Sociology at Eckerd College, points out in the article:

“Big cities are appealing for a host of reasons—big cities offer diverse job opportunities. Big cities offer many amenities that are not available in smaller cities or rural areas, from dining and entertainment options to public transit, to services like gyms and spas. And big cities offer opportunities for social networking—whether Gen Zers are looking for professional colleagues to bounce ideas off of, or romantic partners, they’re more likely to find someone to connect with, in a big, dense city.” 

-Nicholas Dempsey

Be sure to read the full fascinating study on RentCafe’s website at