Techspace Ballston at 2LC Named Arlington’s Best Coworking Space in 2018

Published June 5, 2019

Techspace Ballston, located in Two Liberty Center (4075 Wilson Blvd. across from 4040 Wilson Blvd. and Ballston Quarter), was recently honored to be awarded Arlington’s Best Coworking Space in 2018 from Arlington Magazine.

Arlington Magazine author Matt Blitz writes:

“Eight stories above Wilson Boulevard is a 20,000-square-foot office space for people without offices. Specifically, it’s a place where entrepreneurs, gig workers and small startups can pay a modest rent (open desk memberships start at $250 a month) for access to modern conference rooms, workstations, office equipment, private VLAN and Wi-Fi networks, and a place to think. Bonus: the light-filled hub also provides concierge services, a rooftop terrace, bike storage, locker rooms, showers and coffee…”

Matt Blitz, Arlington Magazine

You can read the rest of the article at

The Shooshan Company, along with the staff at Two Liberty Center and Kodiak Realty Services, would like to congratulate Techspace on this achievement!


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