It is a pleasure to work with real estate professionals who know their business well, and who are committed to working collaboratively with their design and construction partners.
John P. O’Keefe, President, Clark Construction Group, LLC
The Shooshan Company engages meaningfully with the community with drive and dedication to give back, to enhance lives for all, and to share their resources to make Arlington the best it can be.
Caroline Jones, MSW, Executive Director, Doorways for Women and Families
The Shooshan Company is known for creating innovative real-estate projects that add tremendous benefit to the community.  We are very fortunate that the Shooshan Company is willing to invest in Arlington and become a strong partner in the things that make Arlington great.
Senator Barbara Favola
We are honored to have The Shooshan Company as one of our community partners to end homelessness. Their community involvement and compassion for all their neighbors make them a valuable asset to Arlington County.
Kathy Sibert, Executive Director A-SPAN (Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network)
The Shooshan Company is an exceptional, well-regarded real estate owner/developer with an outstanding reputation and market leading presence.
Jerry Sweeney, CEO Brandywine Realty Trust
They have been extremely supportive of the least fortunate in our community including those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Wanda L. Pierce, Executive Director of the Arlington Community Foundation
John Shooshan and the Shooshan Company are an amazing asset to the state of Virginia and our real estate market. Just as important, they are good people, invested in our community, working to strengthen our economy in an environmentally responsible way.
Congressman Jim Moran
I cannot imagine doing business with a company that better reflects the core values that we espouse and try to shape in our students at Marymount.
Dr. Matthew Shank, President, Marymount University
This is a big victory for the County and its workforce.
Governor Tim Kaine (regarding the Shooshan Company’s DARPA Headquarters development)
Their outstanding reputation in the area fits them brilliantly, contributing not only their financial support, but also their time and expertise in order to support the Chamber of Commerce, and ultimately the entire Arlington community.
Rich Doud, President, Arlington Chamber of Commerce