“The Rise Of Coworking” via Techspace Ballston

Published March 7, 2019

ARLnow recently published an article titled “The Rise of Coworking In Today’s Workplace.”

“In a nutshell, coworking is the practice of shared workspaces. Multiple unrelated companies work in the same building, often utilizing the operator’s administrative and amenity functions. In today’s modern and ever-changing office world, the fastest growing alternative to a traditional office space is a coworking space.”


One of the leaders in providing coworking space is Techspace. Established in 1997, Techspace now has a location in Ballston at Two Liberty Center (4075 Wilson Blvd. across from 4040 Wilson Blvd. and Ballston Quarter). According to their website, “TechSpace is the nation’s premier full-service office space facilities, coworking spaces, and infrastructure provider.”

When speaking in ARLnow on the rise of coworking space, Techspace states:

“Typically, new or growing companies don’t have the funds (or the desire) to start in traditional spaces, but they also don’t know where their company will be in one year, let alone five. Two to five-year terms are standard minimums for traditional offices.

Most start-ups don’t want to tie up their capital with office leases — they like the flexibility of shorter terms provided by coworking spaces, as they can easily accommodate growth and change. However, large enterprise companies are now housing divisions of their companies at coworking spaces.

Coworking isn’t just for large companies or start-ups, though. What other uses can coworking spaces provide? Many coworking spaces, including TechSpace, provide on-demand conference rooms for members and non-members. For those who are working at home but need to meet clients in a professional environment, coworking spaces are ideal.

At TechSpace, you can book by the hour for a variety of size meeting spaces. TechSpace also offers virtual services, such as mailing addresses and business phone numbers, and call answering by a professional receptionist…”


You can read the full article at ARLnow here.

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