Arlington Walking Maps

Published November 27, 2015

Arlington has a variety of choices for getting around – you can walk, drive, carpool, bike or ride the metro rail. For every aspect of travel that Arlington offers, there are accompanying maps that show the best routes – and walking is no different. Arlington County Commuter Service has created an initiative they refer to as WalkArlington.1 This program highlights different areas to walk, the best routes, Arlington history and attractions along those routes.

The maps are divided up into sections of Arlington. One map in particular, titled Ballston/Virginia Square, is especially intriguing to us over here at The Shooshan Company given our office and building locations. The map, which can be seen on the WalkArlington site here,2 is colorful, well articulated, and provides information you may not find in more traditional maps. For example, WalkArlington describes the ambience of Ballston/Virginia Square as “Bustling, with opportunities for quiet contemplation in parks and library corners.”2 The map also provides history of both Virginia Square and Ballston, such as what each area is known for (educational hub, tall buildings, etc.).2 In many ways, the printable Walkabout map is more useful than other online maps (such as Google Maps) because it clearly displays the centers, malls and parks with an introduction of what each landmark is known for.

We encourage you to take a look at these Arlington County maps and discover something new about this area we all enjoy. Who knows, you may even decide to walk to work rather than drive after seeing these.

Find the full list of Walkabout maps here.


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