YONA Opens in Ballston To Great Reception

Published December 15, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015, saw the grand opening of the much-anticipated new restaurant YONA, a concept from Washington, D.C. based celebrity chef Mike Isabella and experienced Chef Jonah Kim. Located in The View at 4000 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia, the official website of YONA describes it as, “a full-service Japanese noodle bar and small plates restaurant in the Ballston neighborhood” (1). As if the restaurant description isn’t enough, Chef Jonah Kim was just listed as one of “The Most Important DC Chefs to Watch in 2016” (2). Sounds good right?

Monday’s opening saw a full house, packed with Arlingtonians, Washingtonians and more. Anna Spiegel of the Washingtonian summed it up best: “True to name, noodles star on the menu…several varieties of ramen, including kimchi-filled Korean with poached squid and pork belly, a veggie version that mixes soy milk in the broth, and a robust ‘miso porky’”(3). Follow Anna on Twitter @AnnaSpiegs.


Yona initially opened only serving lunch, and began serving dinner later in the week on December 4, 2015, now having hours from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm everyday. Only a few blocks from the Ballston metro station, Yona is sure to keep those looking for something different satisfied. You may find the full menu on their website at http://yonava.com/menu.



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(4) Photos from grand opening courtesy of Bonnie Flippin.