County Board Approves ‘Blue Goose’ Redevelopment

The distinctive “Blue Goose” building in Ballston is heading for the proverbial wrecking ball after the Arlington County Board approved replacing it with an office and a residential building. The Board unanimously voted to redevelop the 1963 building, allowing the developer The Shooshan Company, in partnership with Marymount University, to build a nine-story office building and a 15-story, 267-unit residential building with 11 dedicated units of affordable housing.

Bye-Bye Blue Goose: Arlington Paves Way For Redevelopment

Arlington County board members on Jan. 25 approved a development proposal that marks the end of the line for the Kennedy-era “Blue Goose” building at the corner of North Glebe Road and North Fairfax Drive, seeing that 1960s icon replaced by a mixed-use package of two mid-rise towers. The vote paves the way for Marymount University to proceed with redevelopment of a prime corner of North Glebe Road and North Fairfax Drive… Read More

‘Blue Goose’ Redevelopment Includes Funds for Pond, Custis Trail, Metro Entrance

The developer that plans to demolish the “Blue Goose” building in Ballston has agreed to contribute more than $6 million to community improvements for the Ballston area.