Bisnow Event: State of Arlington County and Alexandria

Be sure to reserve your tickets for BisNow DC’s State of Arlington County and Alexandria event which features “major projects, office outlook, and a multifamily and retail update” taking place Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 7:30 AM. The event page also states: “Join Bisnow and our all-star panelist as we dive deep into the State of Arlington County and Alexandria’s real estate market. We’ll cover all the major projects and take a look into what… Read More

Ballston Halloween Market

Arlington Magazine Reviews Yona Restaurant

Arlington Magazine recently gave a great review of Yona Restaurant, located on the bottom floor of The View Apartments at Liberty Center, 4000 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia across from The Shooshan Company’s offices at Two Liberty Center. Yona is a creation from visionary chef Mike Isabella and is one of Ballston’s finest dining experiences. As we wrote about in our grand opening article, the official website of YONA describes it as, “a full-service… Read More

A Brief History of Ballston from the Ballston BID

One of the greatest resources for businesses and the Ballston community in Arlington is the Ballston BID (Business Improvement District). Their mission states, “The Ballston Business Improvement (BID) will imagine and implement innovative programs, partnerships and collaborations that bring people together and create a sense of community to strengthen the economic vitality of our businesses and commercial partners in Ballston.” The website,, includes resources such as a business directory, an interactive map,… Read More