A different approach to real estate brokerage

The Shooshan Company (“TSC”) provides a different approach to real estate brokerage in this ever-changing market.  Today, Landlords have so many options when considering how to lease office space, and the same goes for Tenants when decide how to lease space, thus many factors must be considered when making these important decisions.  

As a Developer, Landlord and Property Manager with nearly 30 years of experience, TSC understands exactly how a lease should work from both the Landlord and Lender position, and as a result can provide a unique skillset when representing either side of a transaction.  Due to the continuing consolidation in the real estate brokerage market, TSC can provide a supreme level of focus for both tenants and landlords who are tired of being too small for a larger brokerage shops.  

How are we different?

Yes, we’re smaller, but we’re more focused.  TSC will only represent a limited number of Landlords and/or Tenants at once, so if we engage, you get all our attention.  

The best strategy to lease your space is not a one size fits all decision, and as a Landlord, TSC has experienced all options from start to finish.  We know what you’re dealing with, which makes us a truly unique Landlord Representative.  

For Tenants, we know how buildings are owned, financed, and managed, and as a result we can provide you with a level of representation that is hard to find in the market.

Service we can provide:

  • Landlord Leasing Services
  • Tenant Leasing Services 
  • Landlord Construction Management Services 
  • Tenant Construction Management Services
  • Operating Expense Review

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein